Benedict Rogers

“Jimmy Lai is a dear friend and a true hero of mine, as he is for anybody who cares about democracy, freedom and human rights.”

Ambassador Diego Arria

“We are with you in your fight to recover freedom.”

Justin Meyers

“I am proud to stand with Mr. Lai, and with all the people of Hong Kong.”

Apple Daily After the National Security Law

An Apple Daily proof reader continues work the day of a raid on the newspaper's offices. (EPA)

By Matt, An Apple Daily Reporter. If a journalist insists on telling the truth, he or she may be taking a risk, and the worst is facing charges by NSL, prison and a loss of freedom. Freedom is something we have lost now, from freedom of speech to freedom of press […]

The Uphill Battle for Freedom of Expression

The front page of Apple Daily in June 2021 after the arrest of its senior executives. The newspaper would be forced to shut down the same month. (Bloomberg)

By Finn Lau. Freedom of expression is not free. It never is. Whilst people enjoy freedom of expression in most developed countries nowadays, it was forged with tons of blood, toil and tears over many years. In some countries, like Hong Kong and Thailand, the fight continues in the 21st century […]

I Want to See My Friend, Jimmy Lai

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai is arrested in August 2020 in what he describes as an effort to show the territory's new national security law has "teeth". (Getty Images)

By Mark Simon. Some probably know the story of Mr. Lai, smuggled from China over to Hong Kong in the bottom of a boat when he was 12. The very same day he arrived in Hong Kong he went to work in a garment factory. These days I often think of my friend as that 12 year old, alone, sleeping on a factory floor. I make this point, because I’m not certain even the Communists who have him imprisoned understand […]

The Broken Dream of “NyLonKong”

A lone protester at the heart of Hong Kong's business district during a 2019 rally by the advertising industry (AP Photo)

By Finn Lau. Half a million copies of the Apple Daily newspaper were printed the day after Beijing’s severe crackdown on the last pro-democracy print in Hong Kong on 17th June 2021. Long queues were seen around town as supporters flocked to get their hands on the last few issues of Apple Daily to show solidarity with […]

Pau Vico

“I stand with Hong Kong and its people in their fight for freedom.”

Sam Hudis

“I stand with him and the people of Hong Kong in their fight for freedom.”

Yevheniia Fedotova

“I am sending this letter to Mr. Lai to show solidarity.”