Senator André Gattolin

“I am sending this letter today to Jimmy Lai to say that I stand with him.”

Ray Wong

“I’m sending this Letter to Lai to say that I stand with him, his reporters, and the people of Hong Kong.”

Hillel Neuer

“I stand with him and the people of Hong Kong in their fight in the face of repression by the Chinese communist regime.”

Evan Mawarire

“To the people of Hong Kong: we stand with you until victory and justice is served.”

Diary of a Hong Kong Reporter

Apple Daily Executives arrive for pretrial hearings in West Kowloon, September 2021. (Winson Wong) 

By Sarah, an Apple Daily Reporter. I started working as an independent journalist after the closure of Apple Daily. People always asked me in these few months, “is it too dangerous to continue reporting now?” It is indeed, especially when people and friends around you are arrested and put on trial. You wake up every morning and do not want to read the news, because […]

The Cambridge University Amnesty Society

“We are the Cambridge University Amnesty International Society. We stand in solidarity with pro-democracy activist and journalist Jimmy Lai.”