David Lega MEP

“I stand behind you, the people of Hong Kong, in the fight for freedom and democracy.”

Representative Samuel Cogolati

“I send this letter to show my solidarity with Jimmy Lai”

Raphaƫl Glucksmann MEP

“I express my full solidarity with Jimmy Lai, the Hong Kong pro-democracy and pro-freedom activist.”

Jewher Ilham

“Today I want to call for the release of jailed Hong Kong activist Jimmy Lai.”

Mark Clifford

“I’ve been lucky enough to have known Jimmy Lai for almost three decades.”

Berta Valle

“We are strongest when we stand together. And when we are united, we cannot be defeated.”

Garnett Genuis MP

“I stand with him and the people of Hong Kong in their fight for freedom.”

Gulalai Ismail

“I stand in solidarity with him and the people of Hong Kong”

Leonid Volkov

“I stand with Jimmy Lai and the people of Hong Kong.”

Bernard Guetta MEP

“Why is he behind bars? Jimmy Lai should be free!”